Foreign Trucks Overview
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Last Updated: December 23, 2003

Bedford OXD, 1½-ton (30-cwt), 4x2, GS
Among the 1100 Bedford trucks, delivered to Russia in 1942, was an unknown quantity of Bedford OXD 1½-ton (30-cwt) 4x2 truck, the others being the Bedford OYD 3ton 4x2, very similar in appearance, and the Bedford QL 3-ton 4x4.

First released in 1939 and designed as a general load carrier with the short 111in wheelbase, the early production samples, like with most British trucks, had 34x7 dual rear tires, but were later refitted with 10.50-16 oversize single tires to improve off-road performance, as is shown here.

The sideview shows the vehicle with elevated windshield while in the frontview the windshield is shut.