Foreign Armour Overview
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B.I.T. Mk.IV »Churchill III«
In March 1942, Vauxhall Motors installed a new welded turret to the Churchill thus replacing the cast type of the Churchill II.
This happened not the least in order to provide sufficient space for the more powerful new MkV 6-pdr (57mm) gun and to enhance production.
Track shields now became commonplace as well as the new air intake louvers and the light cast steel tracks.
No more than 151 samples were loaded on the Arctic convoy ships in 1942, of which 24 fell prey to German subs and airforce.
Though the remaining 127 sure didn't cause enthusiasm on the Russian side, they immidiately deployed them to their »Fronts«.

Note : The side view shows the front fenders in place which were frequently removed in the field as shown on the rear and front views.