Russian Trucks Overview
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Last Updated: March 25, 2006

GAZ-AA, 1½-ton 4x2, Cargo
A licensed copy of the Ford-AA Model1929, the legendary »Polutorka« was the workhorse of the pre-war USSR.
At the start of »Barbarossa«, the Red Army could deploy no less than 151.100 GAZ-AA to their troops although this number was soon decreased by the spectacular retreat.
The GAZ-AA was robust, reliable and could consume even the worst sorts of Russian gasoline.
It gained immortality during the 3-year siege of Leningrad by transporting urgently needed food over the frozen Lake Ladoga.
It comes as no surprise that it delivered the base for countless variations, reaching from the 3-axle GAZ-AAA to the halftrack GAZ-60.

The drawings are showing the common pre-war practice of painting the chassis, wheel rims, hood front and fenders black.

Note : All truck drawings are based on the excellent line-drawings of Mr. N. Polikarpov in the Russian magazine M-Hobby.