Russian Trucks Overview
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GAZ M-1 »Emka«, 4x2, Command Car
Based on the 1933 U.S. Ford V8-40, no less than 63,000 GAZ M-1 sedans were produced from 1936 until 1941.
The M-1 was the principal staff car in the early war years and widely used by Red Army commanders.
Its popularity is shown by the fact that the people called it "Emka" and even dedicated songs to it.
However, the Russian road conditions called for an all-wheel-driven car, a request perfectly fulfilled by the incoming U.S. jeeps.
As a stopgap, the M-1 was further developed to the GAZ-61-73 4x4 sedan, the GAZ-64 4x4 and finally to the well-known GAZ-67.

Note : The M-1 often appeared in typical civilian black and with hub caps as well.