Russian Trucks Overview
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Last Updated: October 27, 2006

GAZ-MM, 1½-ton 4x2, Cargo
The first MMs delivered were largely similar to the GAZ-AA »Polutorka«, differing only by the rear sparewheel mount which became optional in later versions.
In 1941 however, Gorkiy Auto Zavod (»GAZ«) developed a simplified version by adding angled fenders and cutting out the cab sides.
They increased the engine power to 50 hp and modified the cargo platform as well.
This model version stayed in production throughout 1942.
In 1943, another modification took place by reclosing the cab with wooden sides, resulting in the model 1943, shown here on the top and bottom of the page.
As with the GAZ-AA, the MM delivered the base for countless variations.
Note : All truck drawings are based on the excellent line-drawings of Mr. N. Polikarpov in the Russian magazine M-Hobby.

Model 1943 with wooden cab side and DShK 12.7mm hMG »Doushka« mounted for AA defense

Model 1943 with wooden cab side and 25mm 72-K 1940 AA gun