Foreign Trucks Overview
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Note unusual spare wheel installation to body rear instead of body interior

General Motors C60X, 3-ton, 6x6, Mobile Workshop
The GM C60X, produced by General Motors Products of Canada from 1942-1944, basically was a lengthened version of the Chevrolet C60L.
Instead of the single rear axle, it receíved a tandem rear bogie and the GMC 270 6-cyl. engine (hence its official name »General Motors« instead of »Chevrolet«).
It was designed to carry various special body types, so-called »stores«, among them the mobile workshop shown here.
Almost all Machinery Workshops were equipped with the 14-feet "Lindsay" house type produced by Chrysler of Canada Ltd.
Out of a total production of 2,710, the Soviet Union received almost 1,500 from 1943 on, mainly through the Pacific route and the Persian Corridor.

Entry thru left front door, no rear door installed