Foreign Trucks Overview
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Last Updated: June 26, 2006

International M-5-6-318 ("Inter"), 2½-ton, 6x6, with BM-13-16 "Katiusha" Rocket Launcher
Not to be confused with the M-5H-6 trucks, exclusively fabricated for and used by the USN and USMC, some 3,500 M-5-6 trucks were produced by International Harvester on a Quartermaster Corps foreign aid order from 1941 on, the main recipient being the Soviet Union.
Though the majority was of the 6x4 type with 3,000 pieces, the vehicle shown here is one out of 500 M-5-6 produced.
On the first sight very similar to the equally short wheelbase GMC CCKW-352 due to the traversal fuel tank and sparewheel installation, it differed in a by 4in. longer wheelbase (149in.) and the characteristical rounded front fenders.
The vehicle shown here has the early front with the rounded front frame and the vertical hood front; the optional winch has not been installed.
The 318 in the name refers to its engine, the 111-bhp 318-cid FBC-318B.
Note :
It was common praxis to move the truck, at least for shorter distances, with just the lower rockets mounted.