Foreign Armour Overview
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56 degree armour plate, T49 Steel Tracks, no Loader's Hatch

U.S.Medium Tank M4A2 »General Sherman«, Early Production
Part of the ever increasing Lend-Lease deliveries to Russia, the first M4A2 Medium tanks entered the Eastern Front in late 1942.
The first of 2000 M4A2 75mm delivered still had the early 56 degrees front plate with the halfround antenna mount and the characteristic hoods protected by armour shields.
Two ventilators were sitting on top of the front hull. A mix of old open and new closed road wheels was not uncommon.
The low-buzzle cast turret was still lacking a loader's hatch and frequently the left pistol port as well. Applique armour was sometimes attached to the right turret side.

A frequent fate, not only to M4s : Burning out !

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