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Last Update: October 27, 2015

Koblenz on Rhine

destroyed by RAF

on Nov 07,1944

Germany 5.0

Hello, and welcome to my site !

Covering the Engines of the Red Army (or »Workers and Peasants Red Army« RKKA, called officially) in the Great Patriotic War in scaled multi-view colour profiles is quite a challenge.

The domestic vehicles alone, armour and softskins, would fill dozens of pages, but, often overlooked, the Soviet Union received some 450,000 vehicles (trucks, jeeps, tractors, tanks, armoured cars etc.) from their allies (U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada) in World War 2 as well.

So, with more than 1000 single drawings finished by now I have only scratched the surface.

Anyway, as a former military modeller I have learnt to always focus just the kit in work and not the dozens of unbuilt ones lying in the cellar.

Starting my vector graphics program (the awesome British XARA Xtreme 5.1) for a new drawing is quite similar to starting a new kit some 25 years ago.

So, I hope you, dear visitor, will have as much fun while regarding the profiles as I had and still have while creating them !

Final note : I'm neither militarist, nor communist, just interested in military history.

Comments and suggestions welcome,
... as well as any hint to original sources (photos, drawing, technical manuals) on Russian trucks and armour !

While watching : »Svyachennaya Voina«[»Sacred War«, famous Russian war song, 2,4 MB mp3]

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Documents of Russian Archive
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ZIS Variants 
ZIS-5 + ZIS-22[M]

Autocar U-7144T 
Truck Tractor

2.5-ton halftrack
Cargo and Prime Mover

2.5 to 5-ton 6x4
Cargo Truck

ZIS-5 3-ton 4x2 
N2P Pontoon Carrier

pr.1124 + 1125

Battle of Vienna 
2nd and 3rd Ukr.Front

White M3A1 Scout Car 

Fordson WOT8 30-cwt Truck

Bedford OYD GS 3-ton truck

Austin K6 GS 3-ton truck

Austin K30 GS 1.5-ton truck

GMC AFWX-354 3-ton truck

Dodge T-203B 4x4 1.5-ton truck

Beeps in the East

Studebaker US6 U2 6x6 BZ-35S Gasoline Tank

Commer Q4 3-ton 4x2 General Service truck

T-70M Light Tank of the "Tambov Farmers"

IL-2 Shturmovik "Flying Tank"

SU-76M SPG "Suka"

"Fill er up !"
US6-U5 with SU-76M SPG