Foreign Tractors Overview
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Armoured Tractor »Na Ispug«
During the 72-day Roumanian siege of the City of Odessa on the Black Sea shores in Summer 1941, the domestic plants »January Uprsing« and »October Revolution« were desperately seeking a way to equip the heroically fighting defenders with some kind of improvised armour.
By mounting 14-20 mm steal plates of the nearby shipbuilding plants onto STZ-5 artillery tractors and installing turrets with 7.62mm DT machine and 45mm M1931 AT guns coming from broken-down T-26 Model 1931 (as shown by the drawings) and 1933 tanks resp., they created a suprisingly effective weapon well suited against the poorly equipped invaders.
As the new »tanks« literally spread havoc among the enemy it was only consequent to name it accordingly, »na ispug« (»NI«).
Up to the evacuation of Odessa in October 1941, some 60 vehicles were produced with varying armour and armament, and the Roumanian troops used the captured samples for education purposes.