RussianArmour Overview
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Turret front with cast gun mantlet, PT periscope and horseshoe-shaped radio antenna

Note early rubber roadwheels, and horn installation on hull side instead of hull front

Note: First production batches were without headlight protection case

T-26 Model 1933 Light Infantry Tank
On their search for a new light infantry tank, the Russian tank designers put their focus on the British Vickers-Armstrong 6-ton E light tank.
In 1930, the first samples arrived in Russia and the own conversion experiments soon started at the Bolshevik factory in Leningrad.
The original twin-turret machine gun solution proved inadequate, so the newly developed 45mm AT gun Model 1931 was chosen as the main gun.
A new turret had to be designed with a cylindrical shape and a characteristic rear bustle to gain further stowage space and the commander vehicles received the unique horseshoe-shaped radio antenna. Later, a further 7.62 DT machine gun was installed for AA defense.
With a total production of no less than 5,500, the tank, commonly known as »Model 1933«, remained in production until 1936 when it was superseeded by the — you guessed it — »Model 1936« .

Both turrets showing pre-war-style markings

Note spare bogie spring on right rear fender between shovel and spare track link

Larger rectangular old...

... and smaller round new jack

Old-style jack

Vehicle shown with full tool equipment and air identification triangle on turret roof

Lucky »Red Six« survived the summer catastrophe...