RussianArmour Overview
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Last Updated: May 26, 2008

Note »horseshoe« radio antenna, combat lights and common »track pattern« camouflage of winter 1941/42

More uncommon Russian Green (4BO), Dark Yellow (7K) and Dark Earth (6K) three-colour camouflage painting

T-26 Model 1938 Light Infantry Tank

During combined Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia, August 1941

In order to improve the inadequate armour protection without increasing the combat weight, a new welded turret of conical shape was developed in 1938.
The welded hull of Model 1936 with its vertical superstructure however remained almost unchanged.
The tank was armed with the newest 45 mm gun 20K model 1932/38, advanced gunnery optics and had an increased capacity of the fuel tanks.
The Model 1938 saw intensive action in the winter war and suffered huge losses during the summer 1941 catastrophy.

No rear and AA machinegun and combat lights installed