Welcome to my blog !

Here's the place to put all the site news in.

September 2017

  • NEW ENTRY : Romanian 76mm Tank Hunter »TACAM T-60«
  • By searching for the current year (e.g."2017") you can easily list the last updates.
  • NEW ENTRY : SdKfz.234/4 8-Wheel-SPG »Pakwagen«
  • Please don't forget the »SEARCH« function to look for and jump directly to a specific site, e.g. "Tiger", Ford" etc.
  • Due to new "responsive" site character the amount of mobile device visits has increased from 0(zero) to 30 percent. Amazing.

August 2017

After fiddling around with all the amazing web programming stuff I finally got my new site up and running. Hope you like it !
Reunited at last the two "Engines" on one single entry site for better overview.
Had to brush up my PHP skills and to dive deep into unfamiliar frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap, sure a challenge for a 60-year old, but lots of fun as well.
Hence the long delay since the last new drawings, sorry.