Russian Trucks Overview
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Last Updated: January 02, 2007

ZiS-5V, 3-ton 4x2, Cargo, with DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun
An almost identical copy of an American Autocar Model CA, the ZiS-5 (»ZiS« standing for »Zavod Imieni Stalin«) was produced from 1933 on.
The truck was an instant success and evolved to the workhorse of the upcoming Great Patriotic War.
Due to the lack of steel, the all-metal cab of the ZiS-5 soon received a wooden style which together with the angled front fender made up the ZiS-5V shown here.
The drawings show the mount of a machinegun for AA defense, not unusual due to the shortness of AA guns in general, in this case a DShK 12.7mm »Doushka« , effective against low flying targets.

Note : All truck drawings are based on the excellent line-drawings of Mr. N. Polikarpov in the Russian magazine M-Hobby.

... towing the rare 25mm 72-K 1940 AA gun in travelling position