Note non-driven I-Beam Front Axle
All CCW-353 with all-steel Budd cargo body
Supplying a heavy 152mm Artillery Unit
GMC CCW-353, 2.5-ton, 6x4, Cargo
The famous GMC 6x6 CCKW 2.5-ton truck had a less known brother, the 2.5 to 5-ton CCW 353 model, identical in appearance except for the non-driving front axle (hence no "K" in the name) .
Predestinated for long haul logistics support a total of 23500 samples were produced on 4 US-contracts from 1941 until January 1943 almost exclusively for Defense Aid and Lend-Lease.
Primary recipients were Britain and Australia, but it can be assumed that several hundreds were among the total of 79,715 2.5-ton 6-4 trucks delivered to the USSR.
In relation to the supply numbers, the GMC was outclassed by the Studebaker US6 U7/U8 and the International M-5-6-318, though.
Note : The former assumption of CCKW-353 deliveries to the USSR has been dropped.
Frontovik taking a free ride
River crossing (left) and posing for the propaganda (right)
Carrying the famous M-13-16 16x132mm Rocket Launcher
Post-war military parade at Ussuriysk in the Far East


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