Foreign Trucks Overview
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Autocar, 2½-ton, Unarmoured Haftrack, Cargo
It is widely known that the Autocar Co. of Ardmore,Pa. was a main producer of the famous M2, M3 Halftracks.
Less known is the fact that the company also produced an unarmoured version of the halftrack in the latter part of war.
This vehicle was one of only two U.S. halftracked cargo carrier types produced in series and excelled through its unsurpassed cross-country performance.
Composed of an adapted Autocar cab, the standard halftrack chassis and the standard cargo body, it was driven by a White 160 AX six-cyl. engine.
According to both Crismon and Vanderveen, the U.S.S.R. received the bulk of total production under Lend-Lease, though these deliveries don't appear on any of the official U.S. or Russian supply lists.