Bianchi Miles, 3-ton, 4x2, Medium Truck
In service with the Regio Esercito
Special Thanks to Mr. Lorenzo Tonioli, Italy for providing additional information
Bianchi Miles, 3-ton, 4x2, Medium truck
During the war, the Italian company Edoardo Bianchi" of Milan produced a single type of unified medium truck ("Autocarro Unificato Medio" in Italian), the "Miles" ("Soldier" in Latin).
Unlike the other major truck companies of the war era (Fiat, Alpha, Lancia and Isotta-Fraschini), Bianchi never designed its own type of a heavy unified truck ("Autocarro Unificato Pesante" in Italian).
From the start, the Bianchi Miles was designed as a military truck capable of accepting various auto bodies, like bus or ambulance, and even with an AA gun mounted on the cargo bed.
The Miles served in North Africa as well as Russia hauling antiaircraft guns type 75/46 of the famous ill-fated "Pasubio" division.
After the 8 September 1943, the Germans integrated many captured vehicles, and the production even continued under their control.
Source : Luca Valente, "Due Anni Al Volante Su Piste Di Neve e Fango"
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