Lancia 3RO NM, 6.5-ton, 4x2, Heavy Truck
Lancia 3RO NM, 6.5-ton, 4x2, Heavy truck
Called "King of the Road" or simply "Giant", the Lancia 3 Ro NM ("Nafta Militare" = Diesel Military) can be considered the most reliable heavy truck of the Royal Italian Army in WW.
Serving in all theaters of the war, "Africa Settentrionale Italiana" (Libya), the Balcans and Russia, the 3RO evolved from the RO in 1938 by receiving a stronger 5-cyl. engine.
Although a 4x2, it was capable of good speeds even on sand and desert tracks, had a good load capacity (32 soldiers, 7 horses or one light tank) and was easy to maintain.
With the top of the cab cut away and with lower sideboards the truck became well suited to desert warfare.
It even served as self-propelled gun in North Africa and Sicily while porting the 90/53 gun as well as the 100/17 howitzer.
After the armistice of Sep 8, 1943, the Wehrmacht gladly absorbed the captured trucks as well as 772 samples built for the former ally between January 1944 and January 1945, the last hundred receiving the "Einheitsfuehrerhaus".
In service with the Regio Esercito
Special Thanks to Mr. Lorenzo Tonioli, Italy for providing additional information
Bersagliere with open-cab Lancia in the Libyan desert
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