Captured Vehicles
Ford C11ADF Station Wagon
Italian Repair Shop, left to right: Ford C11ADF, Bedford MWC. Bedford OYD, Bantam BRC
Bedford MWD with tricolore for Air Identification

Chevrolet WB

Morris-Commercial CDSW 6x4 Artillery Tractor
Morris Commercial CS8

Dodge T-212

Fordson WOA1 Staff Car

Taking a free ride on the back of a Fordson WOT2A

Leyland Retriever Breakdown Gantry used in Italian Repair Shops

Chevrolet C60L CMP

Maintaining a wireless on the back of the Chevy
Chevrolet CC60L

Bedford QLB fitted with crane, serving AB41 Armoured Cars
Bedford QLB

Mack EXBX Tank Transporter
Loaded with a Cruiser Tank Mk I (A9)

Several Morris C8 F.A.T. captured in early 1942 together with 25-pdr Guns
Morris-Commercial C8 Field Artillery Tractor

Universal (Bren) Carrier Mk.I

Mk.VIB Light Tank

Watch the Italian Repair Shop in North Africa
Credit: Italian Newsreel "Luce"
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