Command and Staff Cars
Fiat 508CM Command Car
In service with Armoured Division "Ariete"

Lancia Aprilia Coloniale Staff Car
In front of a A.S.37 light truck
Commander of "Bologna" division

Fiat 2800C MC Staff Car

Alfa 2500C Staff Car
Italian donation to the Desert Fox

Bianchi Miles Staff Bus of General Giovanni Messe
SPA-38R Staff Bus

Fiat 1100L Ambulanza

SPA-38R Ambulanza

Repair Shops
S.P.A. 38R Autofficina

Tankers - "Cisterne"
Fiat 626N Cisterna

Camouflaged as trucks
With trailer, but wrecked
Fiat 666NM Cisterna
In service with the Afrikakorps
Fueling a Macchi MC 200 "Saetta" fighter

Lancia Ro Cisterna

Cars of Newsreel "Istituto Nazionale Luce"
Fiat 518L Furgone

35 Ford Model 48 Light Car
Martuba Airfield near Derna, Spring of 1942
Macchi 202 "Folgore" of 4th Stormo crashing into Fiat 626N and 35 Ford Model 48
Ex-civilian Ford with some deformation
...last not least: Caterpillar !
Western Egypt, Nov 1940
Caterpillar Seventy-Five Crawler

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