Alfa 500 Medium Truck

Alfa 800RE Heavy Truck

Bianchi Mediolanum 36 Medium Truck

Bianchi Mediolanum 68A Medium Truck

Bianchi Miles Medium Truck
Bersagliere watching captured "Tommies"
A free ride for the allies,,,
Famous but obviously staged scene
Selfies - the old-fashioned way...

Fiat 508C Light Truck

Fiat 626 Medium Truck
Note tank on truck roof
Transporting tommies

Fiat 634N1 Heavy Truck

Fiat 634N1 Late Series Heavy Truck
Interesting camouflage

Fiat 634N2 Heavy Truck
Bypassing a 6x4 SPA Dovunque
Transporting a complete CR 42 biplane...

Fiat 666NM Heavy Truck
Leading a Lancia 3Ro Cisterna (tanker)
Leading a column of Krupp Protze
Unloading a 47/32 AT gun team

Isotta-Fraschini D80 COM Heavy Truck
Factory photo
On pre-war parade in Tripoli

Isotta-Fraschini D80 COM Late Version Heavy Truck
Leading a column of Fiat 626
End of a "cisterna"

Lancia Ro Heavy Truck
A free ride - Transport of captured "Tommies"...
Towing the Cannone da 75/27 modello 06
Remarkable camouflage
Truck w/out driver...

Lancia 3Ro Heavy Truck
Interesting markings on side doors
Two buddies and their treasure...
Selfie - the old-fashioned way...
The giant 3Ro preceeding the small 38R
Lined up for parade
Welcome target for enemy fighters...
Carrying the Breda AA gun for self-defense
After crossing the famous "Arco dei fileni"
The "King of the Road" - most popular on either side
Orientation in the desert...
Captured F15 constrained by two Lancias...

O.M. Taurus Medium Truck
The ubiquitous roof tricolore...
Note gray-green camouflage
Funeral of General Italo Balbo, June 05, 1940

S.P.A. 38R Light Truck
SPA CL39, SPA 38R, Lancia Ro and SPA TL37 (center)

S.P.A. Dovunque 35 Light Truck
CV33 Tankette next to Dovunque wrecker

S.P.A. A.S.37 Light Truck

S.P.A. CL 39 Light Truck
Note Fiat-Revelli mod.35 machine gun
Unexpectedly warm clothing in the desert...
Almost artistical camouflage pattern
P.A.I. Police parade next to Lancia 3Ro Heavy Truck

Watch the Italian Trucks in North Africa
Credit: Italian Newsreel "Luce"

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