Rommel's Trucks in the Desert


1937 Ford V8-51 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck

1939 Ford G917T 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck
White stripe air recognition, trailer triangle, water cannisters and blackout lamps
Gr.Kw.Kol.641 of 21st Pz.Div.
Typical marking of Kw.Kol. (Motor Column)
Moving barrels at Tripoli harbour
Mixed column with leading sidecar motorcycle
Extra sparewheel on cab roof
White "24", sand mat on cab roof
Trailer triangle and sand mats on cab roof
Spare wheel on cab roof
Open hood and classical Ford 5-hole-rim
Gr.Kw.Kol.63(?)1 of 21st Pz.Div.
Ford of Flak [AA] Btl.606 (sfl [SPG]) of 5.le.Div./21.Pz.Div.
Alternative soft cab
Water suply depot
Field maintenance

1941 Ford G198TS 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck

Opel Blitz 3.6-36 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck
Luftwaffe truck under maintenance
Sand mat on roof top
Rare front guard as radiator protection
Dug in against enemy fire and desert heat

The first platform superstructure which was made especially for the Wehrmacht was the "offener Radkastenaufbau" - open wheel-house superstructure - with 965 mm high sides. [Source : the phantastic]

The second version made for the Wehrmacht was the "Pritschenaufbau mit Stahlunterbau" - platform superstructure with steel-subframe - with 900 mm high dropsides. [Source : the awesome]

Starting around 1941, the Opel Blitz 3.6-36 S was manufactured with a "Pritschenaufbau mit Aufsteckbrettern" - platform superstructure with attachment boards. The dropsides had a high of 600 mm. [Source : the amazing]

Opel Blitz as prime mover for 2 cm Flak 38 Vierling
Flakvierling 38 of Flak Reg 33, rapidly brought into action...

7.92mm Zwillings-MG (Twin MG) AA Gun on Lafette 36

20mm Flak 38 Light AA Gun

Opel Blitz Flugbetriebsstoff-Kesselkraftwagen (Tanker) Kfz. 385
Note soft cab and Marseille of JG 27 talking to an airfield mechanic

Mercedes L3000S 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck
Mercedes L3000S of a Nachschub (Support) unit
The higher Mercedes L3000A 4x4
The higher Mercedes L3000A 4x4
Mercedes L3000A unloading a freighter
Mercedes L3000A unloading British POWs
Mercedes L3000A lined up
Under field maintenance
The end of NachFernAuf (Wireless Intercept Company) Kp. 621, Tel-El-Eisa, July 10, 1942

For further info download "The Capture of Unit 621" by Colonel Tim Gellel

Kfz.305/22 of the Nach-Fern-Aufkl-Kp (Wireless Intercept Company) 621, Tel-El-Eisa, Alamein Front, early July 1942
Kfz.305/22 next to a captured Morris PU
Sd.Kfz.260 Radio Armoured Car of NachFernAuf Kp.621
The last day before the fatal encounter with the Australian 9th Division on July 10, 1942 Mercedes LG3000 3-ton 6x4 Medium Truck
LG3000 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen (Kfz. 74)
Note Mercedes G3a like brushguard
Note absence of winch and bumper
Field Maintenance
Behind a Ford 917T and a captured Ford F.A.T.
Note hard cap with stowage, lower cargo board and rounded rear fender
Mercedes LG3000 Tanker Kfz.384
Caution : pure guesswork, no photo evidence available ! Henschel 33 D1 3-ton 6x4 Medium Truck Krupp L3H 163 3-ton 6x4 Medium Truck
Note Henschel 33-like brushguard
Krupp L3H 63 Kfz.72 FuBetrKw

Mercedes L4500A 4.5-ton 4x4 Heavy Truck
Mercedes L4500A of NachFernAuf (Wireless Intercept Company) Kp. 621 on the march
Note plane spotters sitting on fenders
20mm Vierlings-Flak (Quadruple AA gun) in forward direction with captured CMP behind
Canvas fully installed with camo net covering the front
...carrying the 2cm Flak 38 "Vierling"
Note sandbags protecting front wheels against the desert sun
...after applying the camouflage

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