Rommel's Trucks in the Desert


1937 Ford V8-51 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck

1939 Ford G917T 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck
White stripe air recognition, trailer triangle, water cannisters and blackout lamps
Gr.Kw.Kol.641 of 21st Pz.Div.
Typical marking of Kw.Kol. (Motor Column)
Moving barrels at Tripoli harbour
Mixed column with leading sidecar motorcycle
Extra sparewheel on cab roof
White "24", sand mat on cab roof
Trailer triangle and sand mats on cab roof
Spare wheel on cab roof
Open hood and classical Ford 5-hole-rim
Gr.Kw.Kol.63(?)1 of 21st Pz.Div.
Ford of Flak [AA] Btl.606 (sfl [SPG]) of 5.le.Div./21.Pz.Div.
Alternative soft cab
Water suply depot
Field maintenance

1941 Ford G198TS 3-ton 4x2 Medium Truck

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