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Mercedes L1500 A, 1.5-ton, 4x4, Personnel Carrier
Similar in design to the better known Steyr 1500A personnel carrier the Mercedes-Benz L1500A originally evolved from the civilian 1500S 4x2 truck.
Equipped with a robust chassis and a reliable engine the L1500A soon prooved a real asset on all fronts and was eventually used as command car as well.
Hard to understand that only some 4.900 vehicles were produced at the Mercedes plants between 1941 and 1943.

Personal Car of Generalleutnant Hermann Balck,
Commander of Pz.Gren.Div. "Grossdeutschland", Kharkov May/June 1943

Occupation of Southern "Vichy" France in November 1942

Italian ally watching an obviously overloaded L1500A

With Rommel's Afrika Korps in the Libyan desert

Trucks Overview