The Battle of Vienna - "Vienna Operation" (March 29 - April 13, 1945)
The five (Guards) Tank and (Guards) Mechanized Korps during the Battle of Vienna
Chronological mouvements from dark red to light pink/white
Watch the Battle of Vienna
Order of Battle of 6th Guards Tank Army and 46th Army
Entering Vienna on a Lend-Lease US6 U3 hauling a 160mm Model 1943 MT-13 Heavy Mortar
Over the border with the 9th Guards Mechanized Korps and the 9th Guards Army
SU-76M at Kirchschlag in der Bucklicken Welt (watch the Map !)
More (GAZ-MM w/DShK hMG, left) or less (Harley-Davidson WLA-42, above) alert after a long march
Ya-12 Artillery Tractor [Left] and Jeep + ZiS-5 of the 9th Guards Army in Kirchschlag (Courtesy of Dr.M.Reisner, Austria)
Field Kitchen PK[KP]-42 on transport (left) and on duty (right)
Entering Schwechat with the 23rd Tank Korps
T-34/85 Model 1944 with fading winter camo (left) and Chevrolet G-7117 + Studebaker US6 (right) on the Haupstrasse
Just a handful of ISU-122 left in the Heavy SPG regiment of the 23th Tank Korps
Ferrying the 23rd Tank Korps to the northern Danube bank
With the 5th Guards Tank Korps in the Western outskirts (Lainz)
T-34/85 Model 1944 with "flattened turret" and heavily loaden
Lend-Lease M17 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (MGMC) "Meat Chopper"
Heavy fighting for the 1st Guards Mechanized Korps on Favoritenstrasse
"White 334" as part of the 20th Guards Tank Regiment of the of the 1st Guards Mechanized Korps
Lend-Lease M3A1 Scout Car
Often misidentified famous "White 936" as part of the 9th Guards Tank Brigade of the 1th Guards Mechanized Korps
Captured ex-Hungarian KV-40 Artillery tractor
Captured ex-Hungarian Raba Botond 1.5-ton 6x4 truck
Damaged wagon of Vienna tramway used as barricade
Light BA-64B armoured car
T-34T turretless recovery vehicle
SU-100 Self-Propelled Gun
Universal Carrier Mk.I, 1st Guards Mech. Korps (?)
Encounter near Mariahilferstrasse
Note red turret band on the "White 02" of the 14th Separate Guards Motocycle Batallion of the 9th Guards Mechanized Korps (thanks to Mr. Gabor Horvath for the clarification)
Early 75mm M4A2 of the 9th Guards Mechanized Korps
Approaching the Inner City
Maria-Theresia-Platz near Hofburg
Lend-Lease M4A2 (76) W "Emcha" of the 18th Guards Tank Regiment of the 1st Guards Mechanized Korps
Trucks, Guns and Mortars on the Ringstrasse
M4A2 (76) W "Emcha" of the 1st Guards Mechanized Korps passing the Opera
Ford G8T hauling a 120mm Mortar in front of Parliament
Chevrolet G-7117 in front of Opera
Dodge WC52 hauling a 120mm Mortar in front of Parliament
Chevrolet G-7107 hauling a 37mm 61-K Model 1939 AA gun
M-17 MGMC followed by two M4A2 (76)W
US6 U7 with 122mm M-30 Howitzer
Red Armour on the water - The Danube Flotilla
M-11 airplane engine driven NKL-5 Aeroglisser used for raids on the Reichsbrücke
Bronekater in front of Vienna (left) and launching rockets towards the enemy (right)
Bronekater ("armoured boat") pr.1125 armed with T-34 turret, M-8-M 24x82mm Rocket launcher and DShKM-2B AA turret
The Germans
Panzer IV Ausf.J of 6th Panzer Division approaching the Center
Panzer IV Ausf.J of 6th Panzer Division in the Prater with the damaged Riesenrad in the background
Marder II Tankhunter with fading winter whitewash side-by-side a typival Vienna "Litfass-Säule"
Panther Ausf.A of the Führer-Grenadier-Division approaching the 46th Tank Brigade of the 9th GMK


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