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January 2021


  • NEW BOOK :

    Die Schlacht um Wien 1945 (The Battle for Vienna 1945)

    An outstanding documentation by Dr.Markus Reisner, Austria.

    Hardcover with 656 pages, incl. 600 photos, maps and illustrations.
    49,90 Euros, in German, English version under development.

    I had the honour and pleasure to contribute with 50 profiles.

    Click the cover image to see some sample pages [pdf, 10MB].

September 2020

June 2020

  • UPDATE : Guestbook
    ... added the Guestbook at last, feel free to make your entries

March 2019

  • Last update : Updated a 15-year old (!) site on A Tank named Stalin.
    ...leaving the old drawings in place next to the new ones.

June 2018

  • Last update : Added a captured ex-Hungarian KV-40 Art. Tractor to the "Battle of Vienna".

May 2018

April 2018

  • Last update : Added a German Panzer IV to the "Battle of Vienna".
  • Last update : The fascinating "Battle of Ogledow" with the fatal combat debut of the new "Kingtigers". Enjoy !

March 2018

  • Sorry for the 6 months since the last update, I had to brush up the "Wehrmacht" sister site as it was far behind the "Red Army" site.
  • As a start, I have added a page on the Red Army Armoured Units in order ro get a quick and (hopefully) comfortable overview of the (Guards) Tank Armies, Tank and Mechanized Korps established from 1942 on. Just click one of the blue buttons and the miracle happens...
  • I intend to further enhance the content as time permits.
  • Enjoy and please contact me in case you find any kind of errors.

September 2017

  • By searching for the current year (e.g."2017") you can easily list the last updates.
  • Added a "magnifier glass effect" to the maps of the "Persian Corridor" site. Check it out by moving the mouse over the maps.
    (Special thanks to the terrific guys of Stackoverflow !!!)
  • Just Reworked the 1942-45 Fronts Map by adding audio to it and placed it on my Youtube channel: 2½ years in 6 minutes...
  • As I love animated maps I googled a bit and stumbled upon an open source software called "Synfig Studio".
  • Please don't forget the »SEARCH« function to look for and jump directly to a specific site, e.g. "IS-2", Matilda" etc.
  • Due to new "responsive" site character the amount of mobile device visits has increased from 0(zero) to 30 percent. Amazing.

August 2017

After fiddling around with all the amazing web programming stuff I finally got my new site up and running. Hope you like it !
Reunited at last the two "Engines" on one single entry site for better overview.
Had to brush up my PHP skills and to dive deep into unfamiliar frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap, sure a challenge for a 60-year old, but lots of fun as well.
Not really a surprise that one of my daughters came up asking for a similar site promoting her musical business.
Hence the long delay since the last new drawings, sorry.