The Persian Route

The Main Routes

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Ferry Route - Number of Vehicles (in thousands)

1942 1943 1944 1945 Totals
Tehran-Askhahad 2.2 1.8 - - 4.0
Tehran-Baku - 3.5 - - 3.5
Dzhulfa-Beslan 7.9 53.6 92.6 19.4 173.5
Totals 10.1 58.9 92.6 19.4 181.0
The Wharfs


Liberty Ship, heavily armed and loaded with urgently needed "Mikado" locos, on its way to the Persian Gulf, Late 1942


The Plants

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means »Truck Assembly Plant», No I-IV (according to Vail Motter).
Assembling Ex-Civilian Dodge 4x2 1.5-ton Trucks at Truck Assembly Plant ("TAP") I, Andimeshk ("Little Detroit")
30,000th Truck produced at Truck Assembly Plant II ("TAP II"), Khorramshar, Iran
Hundreds of Studebakers and Dodges stockpiled for delivery and guarded by the Soviets
Handing over Studebaker US6 to the Soviet Allies
The Roads

The Main Route of the Motor Transport thru Iran

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The workhorse : Studebaker US6x4 U6 Truck Tractor with 6.5-ton Edwards Trailer
A column of US6 climbing up while meeting a column of Mack NR rolling downhill
U.S.-Lend-Leased Mack NR9 Heavy Truck in British Service
GMC CCKW353 Service Truck with Set No7 Crane at a water stop
The Rail
Watch the early deliveries [source: British Pathe]

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Watch the July 28,1944 celebration [source: British Pathe]


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