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Great Sites

  • Kameleons-Profils Thierry Vallet's phantastic profiles
  • Graphite-Garage, Etienne Prat's wonderful drawings and paintings of trucks
  • WW2 Drawings, Vincent Bourguignon's marvelous multiview profiles
  • Henk of Holland, Henk Timmermann's great site with lots of information on armour
  • Tank modelling, Andreas Coenen's remarkable scale models of tanks, trains, ships and more
  • Soviet Army Models, Cristobal Vergara Duran's perfect scale models and drawings of the Red Army and Airforce
  • 1/6 scale dioramas, superrealistic and created by the "Kampfgruppe von Abt" modelling team in the UK
  • Modelling shop of Manfred Kohnz, just 10 min away from me : If you don't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !



Basic and Photo References



Foreign Aid / Lend-Lease

... as well as several postings from different Newsgroups.