Chevrolet G-7107
Chevrolet G-7107, 1½-ton, 4x4, with Cargo body
With 60,000 units delivered, the Chevrolet 1½-ton 4x4 belonged to the Lend-Lease mass deliveries to Russia, as is documented by uncounted war-time photographies showing the truck on the Eastern roads and battlefields.
Having a 145in. wheelbase and the typical GMC military cab, it was produced from 1942 on, without winch as the G-7107 (shown here) and with winch as G-7117.
The Red Army preferred its use as gun towing vehicle and as troop transporter, with the upper cargo side bars converted to seats.
Its chassis was even used as base for the BM-8-48 and BM-13-16 before April 1943 when the installation was standardized on the Studebaker US6.

The vehicle shown here still shows the rounded brushguard (or radiator grill) inner elements of the Chevrolet 41xx series. The G-7117 front view shows the common G-71xx production type.
The gun mounted on the cargo body, as shown on the side-view, is a heavy machine gun DShK 12.7mm with its tripod unfolded.


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