Commer Q4
Early production model with 34x7 tires, dual rear
Commer Q4, 3-ton, 4x2, GS
Among the first British lorries, delivered to Russia in late 1941 and early 1942, there was a small quantity of Commer Q4 3-ton 4x2 GS.
Together with the Bedford OYD and the Bedford QLD, the Q4 was the most prominent of the famous British 3-tons.
Designed as a general load carrier with a 165in wheelbase, the early production samples, like with most British trucks, had 34x7 dual rear tires instead of the later 10.50-16 single rears.
Due to their lack of motor vehicle transport after the enormous losses particularly in 1941, the Russians often hopelessly overloaded the foreign trucks and usually made their »poor quality« responsible for the following breakdowns.
Late production model with 10.50x16 tires, single rear
Note 1-piece windscreen (left) and split windscreen (right)
Transporting anti-tank obstacles
Note 1942 two-tone camouflage pattern


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