533mm Torpedo fired !
Torpedo Boat TKA D-3
Slowly cruising "TK-15" of the Northern Fleet with both torpedoes onboard,
"Dushka"s wrapped up and victory sign barely visible at cabin front
Note four exhaust openings on right hull side
Torpedo Kater TKA D-3
In 1939, the Design Bureau of Ship Plant No.5 at Leningrad was ordered to develop a fast, long-range and seaworthy torpedo boat for the Red Navy.
Chief Designer L.L.Ermashabyl chose a wooden hall driven by three GAM-34 engine with 750 hp each and armed with two 533mm torpedo and two 12.7mm DShK hMG for AA defense.
In 1941, after successful tests, the first series production was launched at Plant No.5 and a plant at Kirov with 25 units.
From 1943-45, second series production followed with 47 units, differing from the early series by three U.S. Lend-Lease Packard engines with 1200 hp each yielding a top speed of no less than 45 knots per hour.
Additionally, a further 20mm Oerlikon or ShVAK cannon was supplied for AA defense.
For unknown reasons, some TKA were later rebuild to SKA patrol boats with the two torpedo launchers replaced by a shielded 37mm 70-K AA gun.
Except for the prototype serving with the Black Sea Fleet, all TKA D-3 were supplied to the Baltic and Northern Fleet where they successfully participated at the ampibious landings at Petsamo, Vyborg and the Moon Archipel.
However, the D-3 was passed in popularity by the better known TKA G-5 which relied on a much more streamlined steel hull developed by famous aircraft designer Tupolev.
Unarmed TK with a light cruiser in sight
Crew members wearing water-proof suite and cab, 533mm Torpedo inscripted "Death to the occupiers !" plus typical victory mark indicating 4 kills
Note rear end of 20mm Oerlikon to the very left
Three TKAs with a Ladoga Tender in the foreground
top and bottom : 20mm Oerlikon AA reinforcement characteristical for later production series
4 B-1 depth charges (center) and 8 M-1 depth charges (4 each right and left)
Also note : three propellers yielding a top speed of almost 50 knots per hour
1.8-ton 533mm Torpedo with a 320 kg TNT charge and a range of 4000m at 51 knots before (left) and after (right) launch
top and bottom : TKA-32 and TKA-182 modified - Torpedoes removed, 2 DShK on conical mounts and 37mm AA gun 70-K astern
ex-TK-52 of the Baltic Fleet captured by the Finnish Navy in autumn of 1941, put in service as "Vasama" (Arrow)
and shown repainted in rare "dazzle" camouflage pattern (left). To the right : D-3 and G-5 in Finnish service


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