Ford GPA
"Victory will be ours !" (correct)
Ford GPA, ¼-ton, 4x4, Amphibian
The GPA achieved its greatest popularity during the war in the East, as 3,500 out of the 12,000 produced from 1942 until 1943 were provided to the Soviet Union through Lend-Lease.

Developed by Marmon-Herrington and based on the lengthened chassis of the GP, the Seep as it was soon called proved to be too heavy on land and too small on the water, at least in western eyes, and therefore saw its only serious western use at the Sicily landing in July, 1943, at which time its production had already ceased.

The Russians however, facing numerous wide rivers to be crossed and as many bridgeheads to be gained on their way to Berlin, found the GPA's abilities so useful that they developed an almost exact copy after the end of the war.

Windshield down
3rd Belorussian Front, Winter 1944/45
Watch GPA crossing the Oder, Early 1945
Maxim Machine Gun mounted on woodlogs
Ferrying a Lend-Lease Harley Davidson WLA-42 w/sidecar over the Dniestr, Kishinev vicinity, summer 1944
PT-34 Minesweeper tank, rolls detached, softedge turret, Wilnius/Lithuania, July 1944


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