Fordson WOT-8 BM-13-16
Abandoned in the Don bend or Northern Kaukasus, summer 1942
Fordson WOT8, 30-cwt (1.5-ton), 4x4 w/M-13-16 132mm "Katiusha" Rocket Launcher
With some batches, Britain's only 30-cwt 4x4 wartime truck, derived from the 3-ton WOT6, was among the early deliveries to Russia in 1942.

Of the total wartime production of 2,516, some 868 trucks left the British ports with 731 finally reaching Arkhangelsk and 137 lost en route.

Of those arriving, some were converted to carry BM-13-16 "Katiusha" Rocket Launchers, as shown here.


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