GMC AFWX-354, 3-ton, 6x4, General Service
In 1940, some 800 GMC AFWX-354, 3-ton, 6x4 trucks, ordered by the French before their defeat and due to the latter not delivered anymore, were diverted to Britain.

These "ex-French-contracts", others being the Dodge T-203-B and the GMC ACKWX-353, differed from those produced for the US Quartermaster mainly by the smaller engine (248 cid to 256 cid, resp.).

The British recipients deemed the AFWX-354 unsuitable for military use due to its size and power.

The need to supply Russia with trucks from 1941 on, therefore arose as a welcome way to get rid of a certain amount of the trucks.

Inscription : "All for the front !" (cab side) and "No smoking" (rear body side)


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