International M-5-6x4-318, 2.5-ton, 6x4, Cargo
IHC M-5-6x4-318, 2.5-ton, 6x4, Cargo
Not to be confused with the M-5H-6 trucks, exclusively fabricated for and used by the USN and USMC, some 3,500 M-5-6 ("M"ilitary-"5"000 pounds payload-"6"-wheel) trucks were produced by International Harvester on a Quartermaster Corps foreign aid order from 1941 on.
As the price was 20-25% over that of the competitive GMC CCKW 353 design, the Soviet Union (calling it "Inter") and China became the main recipients.
The majority was of the 6x4 type with 3,000 pieces and the long 169in. wheelbase, the balance of 500 being the M-5-6x6 with both the short (149in.) and the long wheelbase.
The cab was transplanted without alteration from the commercial K series, while the hood was modified to serve as a transition medium between the civilian cab and the military radiator. The truck was delivered with and without the 10,000 pound capacity front winch, for a price of $ 2770 and $ 3020 resp.
The graceful curve of the flat section front fenders and the sharply sloping hood are identifying features of International's WW. II military trucks.
As they were built before the switch to all-wooden cargo bodies in the fall of 1942, the vehicles received the Budd all-steel cargo body.
The »318« in the name refers to its engine, the 111-bhp 318-cid FBC-318B.
Entering Roumanian capital Bucarest with Malinovskiy's 2nd Ukrainian Front on August 31, 1944
Entering Kharkov in August 1943 as prime mover
Frontoviks of "Inter P-8-34-59" focussing a traffic girl
With chains installed, towing the 122mm M-30 howitzer
Under German management preceeding two 3-ton Opel Blitz
Note the evident resemblance with the Soviet post-war triaxial ZiL-157 military truck
International M-5-6x4-318 with BM-13-16 Katiusha rocket launcher
The "Inter" as carrier of the 132mm M-13-16 »Katyusha« rocket launcher
...sometimes resulting in almost total destruction


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