KV-85 Heavy Tank
First tests of the new tank at Tankograd Poligon
The "White 5225" participating at the Krim liberation, April 1944
KV-85 Heavy Tank
To counter the new heavier German tanks the Russian engineers designed a new wider turret able to accept the potent 85mm D-5T gun.
As a stopgap until the arrival of the new "IS-85" the new turret was mounted on the modified KV-1s chassis.
The KV-85 was used to equip a number of Guards heavy tank regiments in October-Novenber 1943 including the 7th, 11th, 15th and 29th Guards Heavy Tank Regiments.
Each regiment normally had a strength of 21 KV-85 tanks.
Roughly 140 KV-85 were produced in the autumn and winter of 1943-44 and were mainly deployed to the Southern Front where a few of them fell into German hands and one of them, the "white 31", found its way to the "Heereswaffenamt Prüfstelle 6".
Production of the KV-85 was stopped by the spring of 1944 once the IS-1 and the IS-2 entered full scale production.
Two captured KV-85, late 1943
"White 32" destroyed, Ukraine December 1943. Note : Turret number on left side only. Source: Bundesarchiv
The "White 31" at the "Heereswaffenamt Prüfstelle 6" (HWa.Prü.6)


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