T-70 running gear lengthened by one roadwheel
Note second engine access door caused double-sided GAZ engines
Rear fenders omitted
Self-propelled Gun SU-76 (SU-12)
In 1942, the demand for mobile direct artillery support of the infantry was still unanswered in the Red Army.
As the T-60 and T-70 light tanks were becoming obsolete and the new ZiS-3 gun had proven versatile and effective, both parts were combined at Gorkiy Auto Zavod (»GAZ«) in late 1942.
However, the new design, initially named SU-12 and built from December 1942 on, proved nothing less than a disaster.
The two GAZ-202 truck engines used were installed on either side driving a single track each, unsynchronized.
The closed fighting compartment lacked an effective ventilation causing the crew to be poisonded by the gun and engine emissions.
Hence, production was stopped in March 1943 after only 360 units had been completed.
However, the lessons were learned by the Russian designers resulting in the modified and improved SU-76M.
Handing over the new machine to its crew
Loaded on 4-axle 60-ton flatcars
Summer 1943
Summer 1944
Note open canvas-covered top
... after the battle


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