Cast turret, 550mm wide tracks, white air identification stripe running over the vehicle's top
T-34/76 STZ
Fresh tanks on the factory yard parading in front of lined-up STZ-5 tractors
STZ companion : STZ-5 artillery tractor
T-34/76 Stalingrad Tractor Zavod (STZ) production
It was primarily the output of STZ that prevented the production of the T-34 from totally drying up in the trying winter months of 1941-42.
The assembly halls in Stalingrad depended heavily on several dozen small contractors for various sub-assemblies, but many of these factories were in the process of moving eastwards or had already been overrun.
Fortunately, several large Stalingrad firms remained and continued to supply STZ.
The Red October plant provided armor plate, the Stalingrad Shipyard fabricated the turret and hull and the Barrikady factory initiated production of the F-34 gun.
Shortages soon became felt, though.
By October, rubber was in short supply and new wheels had to be designed for the T-34 without a rubber rim.
Other assemblies, such as the gun, engine and internal layout had to be simplified to cut down on time and material.
By the fall of 1942, STZ had produced about 3600 T-34s which amounted to about 40% of the total output of the T-34 to that time.
Soon, as the Wehrmacht continued its assault on the city, the assembly halls of STZ would become a battleground.
But, by then, the other factories had had time to plant their roots in the Urals and a flood of T-34s would soon be coming to the front.
While a new Model 1942 was being developed in the Urals, STZ staff proceeded along in its own course.
The weakest point on the welded turret had been found to be the lower chin of the turret front.
To reinforce this and at the same time to simplify production, the lower corner was simply cut off and a single flat plate of thicker armor welded in its place.
The modified F-34 gun mantlet provided by Barrikady came to a sharp point in contrast to the blunt nose type produced at Zavod Nr. 92 in Gorki.
STZ benefitted from the modernization program initiated by Morozov's GKB-T-34 but their production model was something of a hybrid, hence it has been referred to here as the T-34 Model 1941/42.
This variant used many of the new features developed for the simplified Model 1942, e.g. the new river's hatch and the improved tow hooks.
The noticeable exception was in the rear area, where the old rounded-off hull was retained as was the rectangular access port.
A modification of the STZ type appeared on the Volkhov Front and in Leningrad.
These T-34s were fitted with added armor plate ("(z Ekranami)") on the hull front and sometimes on the turret sides and front as well.
These were STZ-produced machines, but the modification work was done in Leningrad at Repair Zavod Nr. 27.
Source : Steve Zaloga, "T-34 in action", Squadron-Signal Publ.
"Fighter", with the characteristical all-steel wheels
Welded turret, STZ style applique armour
Red army supply train - caught by the Wehrmacht in the steppes
"z Ekranami" by Leningrad Repair Zavod No.27 : Applique armour on hull front and turret
Cast turret "z Ekranami", applique armour - the STZ style
Bogged down in swampy terrain


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