18-20-ton Boxcar "Teplushka"
Top and Bottom: Early long (left) and late short version (right)
Note also different kind of coupling
2-axle, 18-20-ton Boxcar "Teplushka"
In 1875, the Imperial Russian Railway developed a 2-axle "Normal Boxcar" (NVT) with a payload of 18 tons and a capacity of "40 persons or 8 horses".
The primary purpose was fast transport of troops, and the "Teplushka", as it was called popularly, in fact became the rail transport backbone in two upcoming world wars.
As so often, the construction was as simple as durable using such materials as wood, felt and sawdust for building and insulating the floor, sidewalls and roof.
A stove ("Pechka") was usually placed onto the center of the floor and two windows cut into each sidewall.
In 1931, a major modernisation took place increasing the payload to 20 and the tara to 11 tons; furthermore, the old spoked wheels were replaced by solid ones and the open platform was cut off.
Even though subsequently substituted by the 4-axle boxcars, the hundreds of thousands of Teplushkas built before and during the Great Patriotic War transported millions of soldiers to the front, as well as Axis prisoners to the prison camps and civilian deportees to the GULAGs.
"We From Berlin" - Return of the Heroes
Departure : Berlin, August 20, 1945
We are from Berlin, we are going home!
We did everything we could, guys.
Saving the country, we shut ourselves
And still lie on the medical battalion.

But we have reached, lived to the end.
The end of the war! And to the holy Victory!
Let the hair sparkle in his hair
The young, but we will go through this,too.

We survived and we go home!
There are waiting the loved ones, swallowing tears.
Their eyes are bitter with happiness and sadness,
Hope, faith ... In winter frosts,

So warmed the memory of love,
We were guarded from a German bullet.
And thinking about them, we all could,
And even death with you was deceived.

We are from Berlin, we are going home!
We did everything we could, guys!
We saved the country, we shut ourselves.
You, homeland, meet, meet the soldier!

Russian Poem by Nina Kuznetsov
Note : Female Soldiers in separate boxcar, with own banner and entertainment !
"Our cause ist just, we have won !
"Glory to Generalissimus Hero of the Soviet Union Leader Comrade Stalin !"
Famous Series Eu Steam Locomotive
Arrival : Moscow, Belorussian Station, August 25, 1945


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