Chevrolet WA 30-cwt Model 1940 "Indian Pattern" Ambulance
Ambulances in the Western Desert
6-cyl. 85 hp engine, 134.5 in. wheelbase and wide 9.00-13 sand tires
Note different (5-hole) rim type and regular tires



Chevrolet WA Model 1941 "Indian Pattern" Ambulance
In service with Free-French units
Large St.Andrews Cross as air recogntion
Chevrolet WA Model 1941 as part of the American Field Service



Rare 1940 Ford 01T 30-cwt "Indian Pattern" ambulance driven by the famous 85hp V8 engine



Austin K2 "Katy" Heavy Ambulance
Austin K2 of 7th Armoured Division
Loading a Bristol Bombay Transporter



Dodge WC9 ½-ton 4x4 Ambulance with left-hand drive
Part of the American Field Service
Loading a Bristol Bombay Ambulance
Bristol Bombay Ambulance in the air
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