Morris CS11/30F (pre-war) 30-cwt Ambulance in (pre-war) standard "Middle Stone" ME camo
Ambulances in the Western Desert
In the (Suez) Canal Zone
Note "Mann Egerton" body, same as on the famous Austin K2y "Katy" ambulance



Chevrolet WA 30-cwt Model 1940 "Indian Pattern" Ambulance
6-cyl. 85 hp engine, 134.5 in. wheelbase and wide 9.00-13 sand tires
Note different (5-hole) rim type and regular tires



Chevrolet WA Model 1941 "Indian Pattern" Ambulance
In service with Free-French units
Large St.Andrews Cross as air recogntion
Chevrolet WA Model 1941 as part of the American Field Service



Rare 1940 Ford 01T 30-cwt "Indian Pattern" ambulance driven by the famous 85hp V8 engine



Austin K2y "Katy" Heavy Ambulance
Austin K2y of 7th Armoured Division
Loading a Bristol Bombay Transporter



Dodge WC9 ½-ton 4x4 Ambulance with left-hand drive
Part of the American Field Service
Loading a Bristol Bombay Ambulance
Bristol Bombay Ambulance in the air
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