Hello, and welcome to my site !

If you have visited my other sites

"Engines of the Red Army in WW2"


"Engines of the Wehrmacht in WW2"

yet, and you really should have, you probably have seen some vehicles of Western origine in Soviet or German service, in the former case delivered and in the latter captured.

So, it comes as no surprise that I start a site on Western vehicles in service with their domestic armies, i.e. mainly British / Commonwealth and U.S.

Every vehicle (sometimes incl. aircraft as well) will come as

  • multi-view colour profiles,
  • with action photos (if available) and
  • some textual information on the historical and technical background.


So again : Enjoy and stay tuned !

Comments and suggestions welcome

... as well as any hint to original sources as

  • photos
  • drawings
  • technical manuals

on Western trucks and armour.