Armoured Cars in the Western Desert


Rolls-Royce 1920 Pattern Armoured Car
Pretty well armed with the .55in Boys AT Gun and the Vickers MG in the turret, and the Lewis AA Gun on top
"TIGRIS" belonging to 1st R.A.F. Armoured Car Company, Iraq 1941
3-tone "Caunter" camouflage scheme, widespread during 1940/41 and sometimes beyond
11th Hussars on Rail Transport in 1938
Easily identifiable due to the distinctive turret shape
Rommel and Westphal discussing the destroyed Rolls-Royce "W.O.264" of No.1 Armd Car Coy RAF, Antelat, Jan 1942

Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern Armoured Car
Early Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern Armoured Car w/Small Closed Turret and Vickers MG as front armament
Early Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern and Morris CS9 Armoured Cars of 11th Hussars lined up at Maadi Camp,Egypt, July 1940
Early 2-tone camouflage scheme and ubiquitous WW1 U.S. Lewis gun for AA defense
Late Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern Armoured Car w/Large Open Turret and Boys AT gun as front armament
11th Hussars in full speed and at reconnaissance at the Wire
At least some Turrets turnable as approved by contemporary newsreel !
Authenticity of dark brown camo tone surely subject of further discussions...

Morris CS9 Armoured Reconnaissance Car
Morris CS9 of the 11th Hussars on patrol in the border region, July of 1940
Colourful Parasol supposedly "captured" at "Gruppi's" Restaurant at Cairo...
Note foldable map board on front side just beneath the No.11 Wireless antenna mount
.55in Boys AT Gun and .303in Bren Gun MG as armament
Morris CS9 crossing "The Wire" (Libyan/Egyptian Border)
Destroyed Morris CS9 with dead crew buried nearby
Morris CS9 lined up with Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars at Maadi Camp,Egypt, July 1940
One of just 30 Morris CS9 in the Middle East, used by the 11th Hussars
Morris CS9 with sand and standard tires among Italian C.V.33 and abandoned Fiat trucks
Note prominent sparewheel on vehicle rear end
Morris CS9 captured by the Italian R.E.

Fordson RAF Armoured Car
Fordson A/C of No.2 Armd Car Coy RAF
Fordson A/C of No.2 Armd Car Coy RAF on patrol in the desert during operation "Crusader", late Nov 1941
Rolls-Royce 1920 Pattern hull and turret adapted to the longer Fordson chassis
Twin Lewis MG as AA defense
Single Lewis MG as AA defense
Claude "The Auk" Auchinleck watching his retreating troops next to his Fordson guard, late June 1942
...based on a photo kindly provided by Dr.Nigel Warwick, author of "In Every Place"

Marmon-Herrington Mk.2 Armoured Car
South-African "Monkey-Harry" Marmon-Herrington Mk.2 Armoured Car - Standard version
Note open front armour and pennants fixed to huge Antenna
Boys 0.55in. AT gun, 0.303in. Bren MG as front and Vickers 0.303 MG as rear armament
Familiar sight in the desert...
...and beyond (NZ in Greece)
Front armour open and Bren Gun switched to turret top
Marmon-Herrington A/C of the 2nd New Zealand Div.
1940/41 Caunter 3-tone camouflage scheme
Plenty of personal equipment usually attached outside
Victoriously entering Benghasi on 26 Dec 1941
Gathering thousands of surrendering Italians
Sometimes the opposite side wins...
Surviving in the desert: Always being alert and watching the vicinity
Captured Italian 20mm Breda 65 AT/AA Gun as popular main armament
Captured German 37mm Pak 36 as rare field modification, 08 Aug 1042

Marmon-Herrington Mk.3 Armoured Car
South-African Marmon-Herrington Mk.3 Armoured Car in 2-tone "Caunter" camouflage
Column of Marmon-Herringtons in light stone painting with varying armament
Wheel exchange and...
...digging out
South-African Marmon-Herrington Mk.3 Armoured Car ""Rooikat II"
A/Cs of the 4th South African Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment
South African modification with captured Italian 47mm AT gun

Humber Mk.2/3 Armoured Car
Humber Mk.II Armoured Car of the famous 7th Armoured Division
Mk.II, well prepared for Air attacks and...
...again : boring reconnaissance
Mk.II with smaller rectangular turret compared to Mk.III
Mk.II with straight parallel turret sides
Mk.III with turret sides sloping downward
Mk.II with .303 BREN Machine Gun installed to the Lakeman AA mount
Mk.III of 12th Lancers, 1st AD, with the Spare Wheel installed to the hull side

Armoured Carrier, Wheeled, Indian Pattern (ACV-IP)
ACV-IP Mk.IIa Armoured Car of the Indian 10th Division
ACV-IPs of the 10th Div. with...
... and w/out Armament
Indian NCO leading a column of ACV-IPs
Churchill's personal guard during his visit of the Aust. 9th Div., El Alamein, Aug 05,1942
Daimler Scout Car "Dingo"
Daimler Scout Car Mk.Ia "Dingo" of 5 RTR, 4th Armoured Brigade, 7th Armoured Division
Roof in open position
Along with Light M3 "Honey" Tanks
Along with Medium M3 "Grant" Tanks
Daimler Scout Car Mk.Ib "Dingo" with modified Engine Deck
Passing an apparently destroyed German Pz.III
Recaptured Dingo in German markings...
Daimler Scout Car Mk.Ib "Dingo" with modified Engine Deck
Daimler Armoured Car Mk.I
Daimler Armoured Car Mk.I of 11 Hussars, 7th Armoured Division, El Alamein, September 1942
Newly-arrived Daimler armoured cars being loaded aboard railway flatcars at Port Tewfik, Egypt, 10 July 1942
Daimler armoured car bringing in prisoners during the enemy retreat from Egypt, 6 November 1942

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