Artillery Tractors in the Western Desert


Morris CD/SW 6x4 Light AA Tractor (Bofors)
15th LAA Regiment R.A. of the 7th Armoured Division, El Alamein

Bedford QLB 4x4 Light AA Tractor (Bofors)
42nd LAA Regiment R.A. of the 1th Armoured Division, El Alamein
Bedford(left) and Morris(right) of 2nd LAA (Light Anti Aircraft) Regiment on the move thru the desert
With a "Honey" light tank nearby watching Stuka attack
51st Highlander entering Tunisia, late February 1943
Height reduced to the minimum

Marmon-Herrington LP3[A], 4x4, Artillery Tractor (Aust.)
Marmon-Herrington LP3[A] based on 1939 Ford 91T of 2nd New Zealand Division with bi-lingual RegNr.
Early 2-tone camouflage
Factory-fresh vehicle at Ford Motor Works, Geelong, Victoria/Australia
Kiwis having a comfortable ride
18-pdr Field Gun Mk.2 on early pole trail Mk.2P carriage
Destination Bardia : Towing the 18-pdr Mk.2 on Mk.2P pole trail carriage
1941 original Marmon-Herrington advertisement in the U.S.

Marmon-Herrington LP3[A] based on 1940 Ford 01T of 7th Australian Division with its Kookabura Div.symbol
Some 700 1939/40 Ford Marmon-Herrimgton chassis converted at Geelong Ford Motor Works
Famous image of LP3[A]s of 6th Australian Division hauling 4.5in. Howitzers thru the desert
Equipping British and Australian batteries in the Western Desert in 1940 and 1941
Original Marmon-Herrington advertisements at the start(left) and the end(right) of the N.A.campaign

Guy Quad-Ant, 4x4, Field Artillery Tractor (F.A.T.)
Guy Quad-Ant of 2nd New Zealand Division with bi-lingual RegNr.
Towing the 18-pdr Mk.4 on Mk.5P split trail carriage
Unloading Guy and Morris Quads at the Port Said docks
... my fault : It's Singapore instead, sorry
Almost 4000 produced from 1938 to 1944
18-pdr Mk.IV Gun on the Mk.V split trail carriage and with the No.27 limber
... could be a 18/25-pdr as well due to very similar external appearance

Morris Commercial C4 Mk.II, 4x4, Field Artillery Tractor (F.A.T.)
Morris Commercial C8 of 7th Armoured Division
Abandoned Morris captured by Germans and moved by their early Pz.III
Caunter camouflaged Morris with both doors open and camonet on the roof
Well known shot of the Caunter camouflaged Morris with No.75 Arms-of-Service Number
Newsreel shots of a Morris/25pdr column passing the war correspondent
The superb 25-pounder Field Gun with his standard No.27 Limber
Typical Artillery column with open side door

Chevrolet 8440/CGT and Ford C291Q/FGT, 4x4, CMP Field Artillery Tractor (F.A.T.)
Chevrolet 8440/CGT of the famous 9th Australian Division ("Diggers")
9th Australian Division during the 1st Battle of El Alamein, July 9, 1942
Canadian built CMP FAT "Quad" with 7A2 "beetle back" body with two doors and canvas covered centre roof section
Ford C291Q/FGT of the (equally) famous 7th Armoured Division ("Desert Rats")
Early 1940/41 Caunter Camouflage
September 1942 El Alamein 2-tone-Camouflage
Open right door for better ventilation in the unbearable heat
Chevrolet negotiating deep sandy terrain
A comfortable roof top ride in Tunisia, February 1943
The "Desert Rats" Ford C291Q/FGT again, this time from rear
6-men crew cheering from the roof top
Hard work while dis/connecting the 25-pounder
Two formidable actors on the desert stage : the 25-pounder and the "Quad"

Scammell Pioneer R100, 6x4, Heavy Artillery Tractor
Towing the 6in.26cwt Heavy Howitzer of WW1 origine
Destination Tobruk: Towing the 60pdr Mk.II Gun of WW1 origine

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