Vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group (L.R.D.G.)


Ford 01 V8 Pilot Car, 15-cwt, 4x2
Ford 01 V8 15cwt "TE RANGI" (Maori for "Chief"), T Patrol pilot car, March 1941
Bi-lingual license plate, hand-painted black-out lamps
Ford 01s leading a couple of Chevy WA 30-cwt
Note fold down Aero Screens, condensor can on rear footstep and water-cooled .303 Vickers Mk1 Machine Gun
2-tone camouflage of Purple Brown(BSC 49) or Silver Grey(BSC 28) over Light(BSC 61) or Portland Stone(BSC 64)
Note "aero screens", mesh-guarded holes in hood front for increased air circulation and Vickers MG
Note modified rear bed with both fenders removed for better performance
Note spare wheel installation and US-made .303 Lewis Gun
2-tone (Silver Grey over Light Stone) camouflaged early Ford 01 15-cwt with "Indian Pattern" rear bed
Note "swan neck"-style MG hold on rear bed and Vickers K gas-operated (GO) Machine Gun on cab front

Chevrolet 1311x3 "Indian Pattern" Pilot Car, 15-cwt, 4x2
Smaller version of the better known Chevrolet 1533x2 patrol car
Common 2-tone camouflage of Silver Grey(BSC 28) over Light Stone(BSC 61)
Side by side of two 30-cwt Chevrolet 1533x2
Following a Ford F60L CMP of the Heavy Section
HQ Field Ambulance ...
... along with two 30-cwt Chevrolet 1533x2

Willys MB Pilot Car, 8-cwt, 4x4
Note sparewheel location, condensor at front and cut-off radiator struts for better air circulation
Sparewheel here at common place
Compare LRDG jeep to more loaded S.A.S. equivalent
Note uncommon tires and .303 Vickers K (GO) Machine Gun
Note dark painting and number on body side
Following a 1533x2 armed with a U.S. Browning hMG
Note rear cannisters and .5 Browning Heavy Machine Gun

Chevrolet WA Patrol Truck, 30-cwt, 4x2
Famous Chevrolet WA "ROTOWHERO" (Maori for "pink") W/T Truck, R Patrol, March 1941
WA showing its off-road capabilities(left) and limitations(right) in sandy terrain
.303 Lewis Machine Gun and .55 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle as armament
Bi-lingual "8300" License Plate and 2-tone camouflage of Purple Brown(BSC 49) over Light Stone(BSC 61)
Chevrolet WA "TE HAI" (Maori for "to be") Gun Truck, T Patrol, March 1941
Armament of Bofors 37mm AT gun on modified rear cargo bed

Ford F30 Patrol Truck, 30-cwt, 4x4
Chevrolet-built Banyo axles due to shortage of Split axle at the Canadian Ford plant
Note surprisingly warm clothes of the crew
Even the 4x4 eventually got stuck in the dunes
Vickers K and Lewis Machine Guns covered against the ubiquitous sand intrusion
Note stretcher attached to side of cargo border
Unusual armament of two twin-Vickers K Machine Guns
A patrol man firing the Lewis Machine Guns from the front of the cargo bed
In service with Chevy 1533x2(left) and late CMP(right)
F30 lined up at one of the Cairo vicinity barracks
Armed with the Bofors 37mm Anti-Tank gun
At the barracks
Note the excellent ground clearance
2-tone camouflage with Silver Grey over Light Stone
A far from ideal combination in the desert due to the heavy gun load

Chevrolet 1533x2 Patrol Truck, 30-cwt, 4x2
Chevrolet stuck in the sand - sand mats to the rescue
Sand mats...
...and PSP steel sand channels
Patrol man firing his Lewis gun
Lewis and captured Italian Breda MG
The only shady place for a rest
20mm Breda AT/AA gun on a Desert Pink/Slate Grey camouflaged 1533x2
Precious radio car with the undispensable No.11 Wireless
The art of camouflage in an open tree-less desert

Heavy Section Support Trucks
Marmon-Herrington 6-ton 6x6 Heavy Truck based on 1939 Ford model
Note open hood and twin PSP sand channels
Multi-hour hard labour ahead !
Marmon-Herrington in Caunter camouflage (BSC No.28 Silver Gray and BSC No.34 Slate over BSC No.61 Light Stone)

White 1064 10-ton 6x4 Early Version Heavy Truck
Along with ex-Italian Lancias and Ford pilot cars

Mack NR 10-ton 6x4 Heavy Truck w/Open Cab, later replacing the Whites

Support Plane WACO ZCG-7
Two LRDG Chevy 1533x2 patrol men watching a departing WACO
Wounded LRDG soldier waiting evacuation to a Cairo hospital in September 1942.jpg
The pilot of a LRDG WACO enjoys a cup of tea leaning on his plane

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