15-cwt Light Trucks in the Western Desert


Note: All vehicle data created by the unforgotten Bart Vanderveen in FVD/HMVD
Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Morris Commercial CS8
An early Bristol Blenheim Mk.I Bomber approaching a Morris on extremely low height
Note fold down Aero Screens
Note St.Andrew Cross air recognition on cab canvas
Superior equipment always matters...
Indian Morris leading a Canadian built 1939 Ford 1.5-ton
Another Morris of the 4th Indian Division
Note lavish mirror construction on left fender
Always good to have an alert Bren gunner on the rear
Morris AAAT (Anti-Air Anti-Tank) car with Bren Gun on Motley mounting installed to rear bed
Boys AT rifle + Bren Gun + 2 Lee Enfields
Obviously staged photo of Indian AAAT car in action
Bren Gun on Motley mounting
Under repair at the 2nd New Zealand Division
Note extensive markings incl. Arabic/Latin W.D.number
Note full tarp and PSP plate
With the RAF at Shallufa Landing Ground (LG=airfield)
Note extensive use of tropical pith hat or "solar topee"

Morris CS8 watertank truck with old-style round 200-gal.bowser
Australian "Diggers" filling bucket and "flimsy"
Water Point on the Tobruk-Bardia Road, May 1941
1940 Caunter camouflage spreading over the watertank as well
Filling and ...
... clearing the watertank
1940 Caunter camouflage spreading over the watertank as well

Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Bedford MWD
Bedford MWC 200-gal. watertank truck

Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Guy Ant
Later version with fixed windscreen

Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Ford(son) WOT2
Note PASS sign and early Aero Screens
"The Auck" watching his retreating troops at El Alamein
WOT2 of Aust. 70th Div. under repair at Tobruk
Under close bombardment
WOT2E with semi-enclosed cab and 2-colour camo
Entrenching for better protection and camouflage
Easily identifiable unit...

Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Dodge D15 (T222)
Australian Bren gunner posing in front of the "HIGHLAND QUEEN"
Famous "Helena Bug" and "Highland Queen" of M.E.F. HQ Signal unit
Note rear of Bedford QLB Art.Tractor in the background
Probably Dodge of the R.A.A.F.
Climbing the famous Halfaya pass
Encountering the rare German Do-24 flying boat

Truck, 15-cwt, 4x2, GS, Ford F15 CMP
Cab No.11 F15 in early Caunter Camouflage of 2nd Armoured Division
All-wooden 2A1 cargo body and runflat tires, hence no sparewheel installed

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