8-cwt Light Trucks in the Western Desert


Note: All vehicle data created by the unforgotten Bart Vanderveen in FVD/HMVD
Truck, 8-cwt, 4x2, GS, Ford WOC1 PU

Truck, 8-cwt, 4x4, GS, Humber F.W.D. PU

Truck, 8-cwt, 4x2, GS, Humber Snipe PU
F.F.W. Body with Camo Net and Antenna installed

Truck, 8-cwt, 4x2, GS, Morris Commercial PU
Heavily laden PU with late-style windshields
Landing on the beaches
Side-by-side the Matilda Infantry tank
Caunter camouflaged F.F.W. in Indian service
Note detachable tent
Morris Commercial PU8/4 4x4 Light Truck

Truck, 8-cwt, 4x2, Wireless, CMP Ford F8 PU
Note early Cab No.11 and roof hatch
Signal units in action
Note P.S.P. plate attached to front
Note Cab No.12 in the foreground
Note again Cab No.12 ("Alligator" style)
Under new (German) management

Truck, 8-cwt, 4x4, GS, Dodge T212 (D8A) PU
Locals unboxing a "PKD" (partially knocked down) T212 newly arrived from Canada
Serving the popular M3 "Honey" light tank
Note roof hatch, sunshield and front sparewheel
A well earned rest in the middle of nowhere...
Dodges, Chevies and CMPs under dust
Dodges, CMPs and Fordsons ranging to the horizon
Different styles of German "Balkenkreuz"
Under new (German) management

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