Gun Portees in the Western Desert


Ford F60L 4x4 30-cwt 2-pdr Portee

Ford F60L 2-pdr Portee
Ford F60L 4x4 3-ton C.M.P. Portee of the 3rd R.H.A., 7th Armoured Division, Sidi Rezegh, Nov 1941
Ford 2pdr Portee of 9th Battery, 2/3rd Australian Anti-Tank Regiment, 9th Aust.Div.

Chevrolet WA/WB 2-pdr Portee
Australian Chevy WA 2pdr AT Portee
Chevrolet WAs lined up with one WB in the back
Chevy WA AT Portee, April 1941
Chevy WA 2pdr AT Portee with 133in. wheelbase
Chevrolet WB of 3 RHA (Royal Horse Artillery)
Australian Chevy WB Portee unit in Tobruk, Early 1941
Chevy WB 2pdr AT Portee with 158in. wheelbase

Morris CS8 37mm Bofors Portee
Worth noting: Red-over-blue AoS Embleme, bi-lingual Reg.No., small winch and ammo boxes on the top
Option 1: Firing the Bofors from the back of the truck
Option 2: Unloading the gun for firing from the ground
Official British gun name : Ordonance QF ("Quick Fire") 37mm Bofors Mk.I
Un unplesant surprise for light Axis vehicles in early 1941

Chevy C60L 6-pdr Portee
Chevy C60L 4x4 3-ton C.M.P. 6-pdr Mk.II Portee
Australian Portee in 2-tone camouflage
6-pdr Portee possibly in LRDG service
Having a comfortable ride with plenty of ammunition stowed in side racks
Crew at Rest with their Portee standing behind
German P.O.W.s with an empty Portee passing nearby
Side shield attached to the Gun
6-pdr dismounted to the rear

Bedford QL 6-pdr Portee
Bedford QL 4x4 3-ton 6-pdr Mk.II Portee of an AT unit, 1st Armoured Division
Almost identical Austin K5 Portee in 2-tone camouflage
Empty Bedford QL6-pdr Portee
Bedford QL Portee with minimum height
Austin K5 (!, note vertical radiator) portees in NZ service
Bedford QL Portee again, with interesting sparewheel location
Bedford QL Portee with 6pdr unload, crossing a captured location in Tunisia [source: British Pathe newsreel]
Portee with maximum height and armour side shields

AEC Matador "Deacon" 6-pdr Portee
Little over 100 built and deployed to AT units from late 1942 on
Another attempt to increase mobility of the 6-punder AT gun in the desert
Deacon in truck simulating "sunshield" camouflage
Main drawback: Decreased speed and mobility of the armoured Matador

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