LMS Class 8F Stanier 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive
Hauling a freight train thru the desert
Stanier 8F less Tender with an USATC S100 0-6-0 behind
Concrete/steel protection against ubiquitous strafing Axis fighters
Easily discovered due to the smoke trail
Filmed while entering El Alamein station
LMS Class 545 2-6-0 E.S.R. Steam Locomotive
Passing a bulk of Bedford,Chevy,CMP etc. trucks
New Zealanders at work nearby
Note Arabic number on cab side
4 ways of moving in the desert
Hauling tank and box cars
New Zealander Railway Operators posing for the camera and at maintenance work
R.O.D. 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive
One of 61 R.O.D.s bought by the W.D. from the LNER in September 1941 and eventually shipped to the Middle East
My guess (!) of the Egyptian R.O.D. in camouflage
Whitcomb 65DE14 0-4-4-0 Diesel-Electric Locomotive
Whitcomb 65DE14 with Armoured Cab
Hauling captured German Diesel shunters
Ambulance Train
Sometimes disguised as boxcars while operating the dangerous Western Desert Extension Railway (WDER)
Loading A13 Cruiser Tanks on the E.S.R. flatcar
Loading A10 Cruiser Tanks at night
Crews of A15 Crusaders enjoying a cup of tea while leaving for the front
The famous 50-ton W.D. Warflat in all its beauty...
Further flatcar variants loaded with Cruiser tanks and a Matilda
Quadruple Browning AA Boxcar
Ambulance train with Locomotive in the middle
Ambulance train with Whitcomb 0-4-4-0 Diesel-Electric
Austin K2y "Katie" in front of Ambulance car
Ambulance train with LMS Class 8F Stanier 2-8-0
Rail Maintenance
N.Z. Railway Operators on a 1939 Ford 91[9]T 134in.Wb. converted to Rail Truck

For further information on the Railway in the Middle East read an excerpt of the awesome
R.Tourret - Allied Military Locomotives of the Second World War: War Department locomotives
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