Tank Transport in the Western Desert


Scammell TRMU/30 plus 30-ton Semi-Trailer TRCU/30
Famous "Snow White" not yet loaded
Loading the "Crusader" under comfortable (left) and rough (right) conditions
8th Army - GHQ Middle East Forces - Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) - 372nd Tank Transporter Company
Crews heavily engaged in loading the "Matilda" Infantry tank
Cruiser Tank
Crusader again
30-ton Semi-Trailer TRCU/30 as appearing in travel position with ramps up
Early Matilda minesweeper
Recaptured Matilda in German markings
M4A1 Medium Tank "General Sherman"
M3 Medium Tank "General Grant"

Mack EXBX 18-ton
Transporting the Vickers A9CS "Cruiser" tank
Crusader Mk.II
Vickers A13 "Cruiser" Mk.III/IV tank
Don't bite more than you can chew ...
... obvious trouble while loading a A15 "Crusader III"
Captured German Sd.Kfz.231 8-wheel Panzerspaehwagen

White-Ruxtall 922 18-ton
Transporting the Crusader Mk.II tank
Transporting the Crusader Mk.II tank camouflaged as truck via Sunshield
Transporting the B.I.T. Mk.II Valentine tank with Sandshields
Turret at 6 o'clock for space reason

7.5-ton Cranes Trailer
Preparing the Cranes trailer for loading
Loading a track-less 11ton Cruiser Tank Mk. I (A9) onto a 7.5ton trailer ?
Photographical evidence !
The whole picture: Scammell SV/2S as tractor (my guess, due to the position of the cable)
Done: Ready for transport (my guess!)
Recovering the turret of a German Pz.IV F2 tank

Mack NR4 11-ton
In total 200 Mack NR-4 Tank Transporters ordered in August 1941
Transporting the Light Tank M3 called "Honey" by the British due to its reliability in service
Transport of Gloster Gladiators from Sudan to the Oasis Kufra in late 1941

M-19 Diamond T980 plus 45-ton Trailer M20
Diamond T-980 of 373rd Tank Transporter Unit with M3 Grant tank on M19 Trailer
Door marking blured by censor
Loading the Crusader tank
Note upcoming sandstrom "Ghibli"
Note steep canvas top on leading Diamond

Diamond T-980 of 372nd Tank Transporter Unit with Valentive IV tank on M19 Trailer
Hercules swapping the earth against a tank
Note extra ammo boxes on turret rear of Valentine tank
Note sandshield, extra fuel drum and Bren/Lakeman AA installment on Valentine tank
Alternative Markings on Diamond T-980 fronts
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