Vickers Light Tanks in the Western Desert
Vickers Mk.VIA Light Tank of the 8th Hussars, 7th Arm.Brig., 7th Arm.Div.
8th Hussars on Parade, Abbassia Barracks, on the Eve of War, May 1940
Note Ford V8 Pickup and Morris CS11/30 Troop Transporters lined up vis-a-vis (albeit hard to see...)
1935 Ford V8 Model 50 Pickup lined up on Parade, Abbassia Barracks, May 1940
Member of the "C" Squadron, painted in plain BSC 64 "Portland Stone"
More Mk.VIA Tanks, this time already in 3-tone "Caunter" camo
Vickers 101 : For identification, always watch cupola, return roller, front fender and engine deck armour
Mk.IVA (right) and IVB, side-by-side during exercises
AA ("ack-ack") Lewis gun attached to cupola

Vickers Mk.VIB Light Tank
Vickers Mk.VIB Light Tank of the 1st RTR (Royal Tk. Reg.), 7th Arm.Brig., 7th Arm.Div.
"ABERDEEN" of "C" Sqn and...
..."ACRIPPA" of "A" Sqn
Note: All 1RTR markings in Red and White on Red resp., all names starting with "A"
6RTR with blue markings and names starting with "F"
Note spare roadwheel and huge searchlight attached to turret
1 RTR in full motion
"24" AoS No. and "HMC1" civil Reg.No.
Crew at rest during heat...
...and chill
"If in doubt: Brew Up !"
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