Matilda Minesweepers in the Western Desert in WW2
Matilda A.M.R.A.
A.M.R.A. (Anti Mine Roller Attachment) developed by the John Fowler factory in Leeds
In the case of an anti-tank mine, there was a detonation that destroyed the trawling drum
140 A.M.R.A. trawls were produced, out of which 100 went to combat units
Loading the A.M.R.A. minesweeper onto the Scammell Tank Transporter
Matilda Scorpion
Note tall antenna-like station-keeping indicators on the rear, indispensable in the dust clouds
Some 24 Scorpions deployed to 6th, 42nd and 44th Royal Tank Regiments at El Alamein, albeit with limited success
Chains attached to the rotating drum causing detonation of mines by hitting the ground
Drum driven by a 70hp Ford V8 placed in an armored box manned by the flail operator acting in extreme discomfort...
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